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Burning winds
Seething monsters
Dreadful sins
Burned out zombies my happiness they rob me
Hate and never ending binge
Therein lies the lies of the lunatic’s fringe
Sad souls with wings singed
Madness grows the sadistic within
Bad blood sows blackness it burns it stings the skin
Helter Skelter as we slowly swelter
Down the slide once again
It’s near it’s near
The future so uncertain my dear
See through is no longer clear
What is…isn’t
You are a robots ghost
You’re really not even here
Lost hopes darkness gropes
As we dangle from blood soaked ropes
Lost in solace with dope the insanity of vanished hope
A giant lie as I lie here and die
The sparkle lost in my eye
My soul now gone to frost
Goodbye to the lost
A grin turned to grimace
Down the rabbit hole I spin
Lunatic fringe


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