CNN BREAKING NEWS 14:35 05-11-2020Former president Barrack Obamadetained at Chicago O’hare international airport. The 44th former President of the United States is being detained this afternoon by the US Marshals service and the United States secret service in a coordinated operation conducted with the aid of Chicago’s O’hare international airport security services. This devastating revelation of sedition and corruption comes as no surprise to senior Whitehouse officials.The arrests stemming from information recieved by Ukrainian confidential informants and Ukrainian government officials concerning a plot to impeach the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. Impeacment:A botched and unethical impeachment “plot” was be the “diversion” “as planned” and perpetrated by previous Obama administration officials and several high level officials including former vice President Joseph Biden and son Hunter Biden working as a “cash proxy” and then secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wife of former president 43rd William [Bill] Jefferson Clinton. This judicious action comes following a nearly five year investigation of sedition, corruption and treason by the US Department of justice, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland security. Through confidential intermediaries CNN has obtained information concerning the Obama administration and a deeply troubling plot of sedition aided by the full and unbridled cooperation of then secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. International money laundering, cash and stock diversions, kidnappings, intimidation and murder for hire are all but just a handful of charges being made against indicted members of the previous Obama administration by the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney General this afternoon in Washington DC. The principle actors involved in this highly seditious treasonous plot failed to produce tangible results fortunately negating the heinous intent of starting a war with a foreign adversary [Russia]. The Obama administration plan of goading and inciting the Russian government via Ukrainian combat forces with the extreme and tragic aspirations of initiating a full blown war with the Russian government…this effectively to be the tragic beginnings of World War Three. The full scale of this highly dramatic very disheartening and extremely corrupt experience have left even the highest government officials in awe of the expanse of corruption within the United States politcal and governmental organizations. The full story and details not yet available at this time. CNN will update this story as information becomes available.CNNChaos News Networkcorrespondent Douglas R Brayton II 1-27-2020

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