Obsession of the confession
Treasonous Propagandist infection
Markgustus Caesarberg and his foreign death injection
Propaganda doddled moffited his profession
Opened doors in Pandora pours
Caution lofted use it quite often
Watch eyes bleed bath salts from Chinese
See heads bake from heroin stuffed in cupcakes
Watch for burning lake followed by Mark the snake
As Ex-Secrataries of state are lying in wait
The lest hath no respect for rest
No inaccuracies or errors simple equations laid bare
Propagandas babies are all right there
Directly in your eyes it stares
Do you care..? Will you react..? Do you dare..?
America and the nefaria more than we can bear
Dominance created prominance
Markgustus Caesarberg hence…Richest man ever there
Caesearburg hurled propaganda all over the world
Made the decisions of propagandist divisions
…most ominous and many many riches
…but aren’t you suspicious
Propagandists are viscious
Consumers of spirits and profits in double digits
Propagandists are wise
Markgustus Caesarberg conquering America right before our eyes
Stop and despise eliminate the lies
Please lead in beating this disease
Open your eyes before America dies


Anger Alcohol and Nancy Pelosi


Alcohol, Anger and Nancy Pelosi
Passive aggressive behavior, anger, petulance and angst, the pathetic display of a fallen Congressional member during the 2020 State of the Union address by President Donald Trump.
A wonderful example by congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of the ravaging effects of alcohol on the mind, body and mental development, and the sad stunting of maturity due to the damaging chemical effects on the psyche and development of the adult brain.
Mrs Pelosi’s excessive consumption obviously causing the classic symptoms of “wet brain” or “pickled brain” syndrome. As alcohol is an organic solvent destroying crucial amino and fatty acids of the brain at the most crucial period for brain recovery “sleep”, continuous exposure to alcohol can lead to chronic insomnia, disrupted sleep patterns which in turn can cause increased consumption which then can lead to mental fatigue further exacerbating addiction and damage to the brain.
Nancy Pelosi has savagely demonstrated what the abuse of alcohol leads to, “dependence upon” to prevent withdrawal, delerium, manic episodes, sporadic anger, panic attacks and depression. It is sad to say that a once bright and promising American woman and respected Congressional leader would succumb to such an insidious and baffling disease. I hope for the sake of Congress, the Administration, the Pelosi family and inner circle and the American people that Mrs Nancy Pelosi would secure help and assistance in finding a solution for her lifelong vice and obsession with alcohol and possibly other substances.
The immaturity displayed at the sacred “state of the union address” is an overwhelming example of the problems Congresswoman Pelosi has been struggling with “incomplete adult maturation” and the obvious disabling distractions of delerium that has sadly prevented her from making sound choices and limiting her ability to function properly as a Congresswoman, Wife and Mother.
A resignation and subsequent in-patient treatment at a professional recovery facility for severe alcohol dependency is the best thing Nancy Pelosi will ever do for the benefit of the United States of America and it’s citizens and herself and I hope that in reading this brief essay of hope and sadness that Nancy Pelosi finds the better of the two and gets the help that she so desperately needs.

Douglas R Brayton II